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Put your solar panels in your will...

Installing a solar water heater is an investment. To get the best return on that investment, you want your solar water heaters to last as long as possible. That means they need to be manufactured from the very best materials. That material is Stainless Steel.

Remember that New Zealand is an island

So sleep easy. Regardless of whatís happening outside, your Solar Revolution panels are fine.

Isnít my cutlery made of stainless steel?

If itís good cutlery it is. Remember that cutlery set you got for a wedding present? Still sparkling after 20 years of food contamination, highly corrosive salt and caustic dishwashing powder. Thatís the same stuff we make our panel internals from.

Special materials? Sounds expensive!

Thatís part of the Solar Revolution. Check out our prices and youíll see that our panels are about the same price as the average panel. For that though, youíll get a whole lot more than the average panel - something your children can fight over after youíve gone...

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